Complete Essential Fire and Air HVAC Services & Maintenance
Complete Essential Fire & Air Fire Suppression & Prevention Systems

Energy Efficient, Sustainable HVAC Systems.

CEFA  Minimizes Down Time and Helps Your Organisation Maintain a Safe Working Environment.

Complete Certified Fire and Air provides HVAC installation and service in New South Whales and beyond.

CEFA specialises in energy efficient Industrial HVAC Solutions to lower total cost of operations and create a comfortable, updated working environment for facilities.

We understand that today’s mechanical systems are more complex than ever as components become more interdependent and energy costs rise. Any update or change may affect overall performance, which makes managing various contractors a challenge.

By listening to your priorities and staying on top of the most advanced industry trends, PSR Mechanical keeps systems running at top efficiency. Our goal is to help clients throughout New South Wales and beyond meet operational and financial objectives through value-added services such as:

  • Operational Assessments
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Emergency Repair
  • Energy Optimization
  • Design / Build

From an initial operational assessment through ongoing planned maintenance programs, PSR Mechanical maximizes the efficiency and reliability of mission critical equipment to deliver the greatest return on investment.

Powerful Fire Detection & Suppression  

CEFA Creates Custom Fire Protection Systems to Protect Your Facilities and Grant You Peace of Mind.

Complete Certified Fire and Air provides HVAC installation and service in New South Whales and beyond.

Identifying the right protection system to prevent or reduce fire damage is by far the most critical work we do. CEFA’s fire protection professionals specialize in complex mechanical projects for which space allocations are critical, system function is mandated, and both schedule control and acceleration are required.


  • Automatic sprinkler systems, including wet systems, dry systems, pre-action systems, deluge systems, and foam systems
  • Standpipe systems
  • Specialty fire protection systems
  • FM200 systems
  • Fire alarm systems to release clean agent systems, pre-action systems, or deluge systems
  • Inspection, testing, and maintenance
  • Retrofit of existing buildings
  • Design/build

Electrical Engineering Expertise for a Sustainable, Efficient Workplace 

Complete Certified Fire and Air provides HVAC installation and service in New South Whales and beyond.

Whether we’re managing the electrical plan in a new structure or running a Test and Tag service for you, CEFA engineers bring years of experience and expertise to the partnership. Energy consumption is the single most common profit wasting culprit in business, we are here to be sure that you’re using energy wisely and sustainably keeping costs low and carbon footprints small.


  • Energy Monitoring and Sustainability
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Test & Tag
  • Generator Servicing
  • High Voltage Service and Install, including reporting